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Been about a month...

Who doesn't like a good hump day meme? Especially in a Golden opportunity week (I see what I did there.) Get yours for 25% off all week! Don't forget to sign up for rewards, for even bigger savings! :D

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Fridays are always bittersweet...

Only a couple more days left to catch that Molly Brown on sale. :( But, next week is a new week, with a new flavor on sale. Which one? Keep coming back to find out! For now, enjoy this cute Frenchie, and have an awesome Friday!!! :D

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Oh aye, that's not just any rabbit!!!

"That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! He's got a mean streak a mile wide!" -Tim the Enchanter...     It's Thursday!!! Time's running out to grab that bottle of Molly Brown at 25% off! 

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(Insert entertaining title here)

It's Wednesday, and that means time is running out to pick up that fresh strawberries and milk deliciousness!!!!! Molly Brown is 25% off all week! Better hurry, or that ship is gonna sail! Wishing everyone a solid Wednesday! :D

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True story Tuesday!!

The meme says it all. Do that thing you've always wanted to do, but have always been afraid to. (Within reasonable legality.) Like making the switch to an alternative to combustible tobacco, perhaps? Give your taste buds a treat, and then tell your friends. If they order, you could get a tasty discount on your next order! Details in the rewards section. :D True story!

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