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It's TEA TIME!!!!

The feature flavor this week is Estes Park. The weather is getting cooler, the trees are naked, and the faint scent of wood fire chimney smoke is in the air... It's a perfect time to get a delicious milk tea. Creamy, slightly spicy goodness. Can't beat it on a chilly day!

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It's Friday!!! Time to get your cake on!!!

Seriously, get some of that awesome Golden before it's too late! Otherwise, I'm liable to vape it all. Which, I suppose doesn't matter, zero calories is zero calories. Hmmmm... I know what's going in my tank today.

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It's a chilly and sunny day here in Denver, and definitely has that distinct autumn smell in the air. Perfect for a day of tricks (and treats!) Why don't you treat yourself to a delicious bottle of Golden? Nothing like a lemon pound cake, covered in rainbow candies and icing. Decadent, yet still light enough to make you want to have another slice. 25% off all week!!!

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Did somebody say CAKE?!!!

I did. I said it. Picture this... A nice lemon pound cake, with allllll sorts of icing in the middle and coating the top. Stuck throughout, pieces of those chewy rainbow candies that ADULTS love. Sounds awesome right? Go grab yourself a bottle of Golden (or four!)

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Been about a month...

Who doesn't like a good hump day meme? Especially in a Golden opportunity week (I see what I did there.) Get yours for 25% off all week! Don't forget to sign up for rewards, for even bigger savings! :D

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