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It's a chilly and sunny day here in Denver, and definitely has that distinct autumn smell in the air. Perfect for a day of tricks (and treats!) Why don't you treat yourself to a delicious bottle of Golden? Nothing like a lemon pound cake, covered in rainbow candies and icing. Decadent, yet still light enough to make you want to have another slice. 25% off all week!!!

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Been about a month...

Who doesn't like a good hump day meme? Especially in a Golden opportunity week (I see what I did there.) Get yours for 25% off all week! Don't forget to sign up for rewards, for even bigger savings! :D

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True story Tuesday!!

The meme says it all. Do that thing you've always wanted to do, but have always been afraid to. (Within reasonable legality.) Like making the switch to an alternative to combustible tobacco, perhaps? Give your taste buds a treat, and then tell your friends. If they order, you could get a tasty discount on your next order! Details in the rewards section. :D True story!

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