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Gave me a chuckle...

Here's to a super sweet Wednesday! Own whatever you do awesomely! :D Don't forget to treat yourself to some Estes Park. On sale for the rest of the week! That's one sweet cuppa tea!

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Tuesday tea anyone?

We've decided, on account of weather, it would be lovely to extend Estes Park as the featured flavor for another week. Come get your cup of tea!!!! Creamy, slightly spicy, as real as it gets! Sooooo yummy!

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Estes Park in the winter

Estes Park is one of the most beautiful mountain towns that we are lucky enough to have here in Colorado. Especially in the winter. Just looking at this picture, I can almost smell the snow and the pines, and the faint odor of chimney smoke in the air. Makes me want a nice warm cup of tea and cream... Good thing we've got Highlander Extended Estes Park to vape on! You should join us for a spot of tea! 25% off all week!

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It's TEA TIME!!!!

The feature flavor this week is Estes Park. The weather is getting cooler, the trees are naked, and the faint scent of wood fire chimney smoke is in the air... It's a perfect time to get a delicious milk tea. Creamy, slightly spicy goodness. Can't beat it on a chilly day!

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It's Friday!!! Time to get your cake on!!!

Seriously, get some of that awesome Golden before it's too late! Otherwise, I'm liable to vape it all. Which, I suppose doesn't matter, zero calories is zero calories. Hmmmm... I know what's going in my tank today.

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