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MMMMMMM... Coffee :P

There really is nothing quite like a satisfying cup of coffee. Except maybe a good vape, and a cup of coffee. My favorite vape while sipping on some caffeinated goodness, has got to be Steamboat. If you haven't, you should give it a try! Sooooooooo yummy!!!!

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Due to inclement weather, and the upcoming holiday...

We will be closing our doors early today. Orders placed after 1:30pm MST, will be processed and shipped first thing on Wednesday, January 2nd. We thank you for an amazing 2018, and wish you the best for another amazing year in 2019!!! Be safe, vape happy, and have an awesome New Years! :D :D   Johnny and AlexBT 

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Gave me a chuckle...

Here's to a super sweet Wednesday! Own whatever you do awesomely! :D Don't forget to treat yourself to some Estes Park. On sale for the rest of the week! That's one sweet cuppa tea!

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Tuesday tea anyone?

We've decided, on account of weather, it would be lovely to extend Estes Park as the featured flavor for another week. Come get your cup of tea!!!! Creamy, slightly spicy, as real as it gets! Sooooo yummy!

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