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Happy humpday!!!

Did you know, that 438 years ago today, Sir Francis Drake sailed into Plymouth harbor on the Golden Hind? This completed his circumnavigation of the world. There, that's a thing you know now. :)  You should make this day even more memorable, by getting yourself some of that Palisade deliciousness. 25% off until Sunday!

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Another Monday, another meme... :)

It's a lovely Monday here in Denver-town. So, I'm giving you a rather adorable kitten. Did you know you could save up to a HUGE 50% on your next order of Highlander Premium Dripping Juice, Highlander Extended, Rancho Double Premium, and Cap Hill Premium flavors? Check out the rewards section to find out more!

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It's Friday! Only a couple days left to get Horsetooth on sale! Perfect timing for the fall chill to set in, perfectly accompanied by a delicious green apple vape. Don't wait, get some before time runs out!  

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